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For your business to land as an industry leader, customers should be able to reach you through different communication mediums. Besides traditional phone support, this includes email, social media, and, most importantly, your website.

Answering calls may be your business’ customer support focus. However, if you’d like to explore other channels and adopt them successfully, then you should consider partnering with a reliable outsourcing provider.

StratAccess offers excellent non-voice services that nurture customer satisfaction. By providing quality customer care, you’ll get to drive your business forward and grab many growth opportunities.

The Benefits of Non-Voice Solutions

  1. Build a strong brand image
    When your company is accessible through multiple channels, you get to connect with your customers on their chosen platform, establishing your business as a reliable brand among your audience.
  2. Focus on your core competencies
    It takes time and resources to train and familiarize employees with how your non-voice services should go. Assign this workload to more experienced workers so that your staff can focus on critical business matters and drive the business forward without delays.
  3. Access better infrastructure and technology
    Through non-voice offshore staffing, you’ll gain easy access to the latest tools and systems. Partnering with a reliable vendor will ensure that your offshore IT infrastructure is optimized.
  4. Get faster response time
    Always remember that customers want answers as soon as possible. Gathering frequently asked questions and enabling chatbot support or canned messages to address these concerns will make it easy for you to deliver faster response times. Ultimately, this will greatly improve their satisfaction levels with your service and improve their perception of your brand!
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Empower Your Company Through Non-Voice Services

  1. Real-time reporting
    Constantly oversee and track outsourcing activities as we consistently provide you with feedback and reports.
  2. Cost-effective solutions
    At a low cost, you can get efficient work done in no time. We can help you save expenses by reducing your operational costs while providing exemplary services that may rake in huge profits.
  3. Tailored-fit support for your business
    Our outsourcing delivery models are flexible to fit what your business needs. We value your goals and nurture long-term relationships with all our clients.
  4. Globally competitive talents
    The StratAccess team houses skilled workers trained to handle any role and specializations you need. We can assure you that our competent talents are up-to-date with the industry’s growing demands.

Other Services

Inbound Services

  • Customer Service

  • Technical Support

  • Order Management

Outbound Services

  • Customer Survey

  • Data Validation

  • Telesales

  • Telemarketing

Healthcare Services

  • Virtual Registered Nurses

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