The Benefits of Outsourcing Services to a BPO Company in the Philippines and why this country maintains it’s edge in the business world.


Access to educated people with high-level skill sets

The abundance of individuals with high-level skill sets and cost-efficient labor make the Philippines the go-to location for outsourcing. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking population in the world and has one of the highest literacy rates in the Asia Pacific region.

English is the second official language of the Philippines. It is used as a medium of instruction in Science, Mathematics, and Technology subjects in conformity with the Philippine Bilingual Education Policy.

The Philippines has a strong affinity to the Western Culture. This is the reason Filipinos can emulate Western accent, which makes communication with foreigners easier.


Globally competitive workers

Filipino professionals are one of the most sought after labor force by foreign companies because of their global competence and skills. The presence of large global corporations in the country has shaped and improved Filipinos’ skill sets, thus providing workers with a global viewpoint and expertise in diverse domains and international processes and systems.


Established experience in outsourcing

The Philippines is a proven destination for major Australian and American companies looking to outsource or offshore staff or services. An example is Telephony, one of the most stable in the Asia Pacific region. Fiber optic cable is the primary backbone network that provides redundant international connectivity. The Philippines has multiple internet gateways and is connected through submarine cables that link to major continents like Asia, Middle East, Europe, and the US.


The government supports offshoring and outsourcing

The BPO industry has been growing at a rate in excess of 25%/year for the past 10 years.

The BPO industry is now the second largest, by GDP contribution, in the country. To assist and support industry growth, the Filipino Government has set up special economic zones managed by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. Businesses located within these zones receive tax incentives and holidays and other forms of government assistance to encourage their ongoing investment in the country.

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