Top Social Media Platforms to Explore for Your Business in 2022 [Part 2]




In this article, which is part two of our series on social media for business, we’ll look at the top social media platforms that could greatly boost your business.

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27.6% of Internet users aged 16 to 64 say discovered new brands, products, and services through social media ads. This is according to the Digital 2022: Global Overview Report. Globally, 53% of the same age bracket research brands, products, and services first before making a purchase. 43.5% of them use social networks primarily for online brand research. That’s only 5% lower (49.5%) than those who have search engines on top of mind. That’s a lot to consider, such that the digital advertising market value now stands at $465.5 billion annual spend. Social media’s share of the total digital advertising spend is at 33%. Meta’s share of the global digital ad spend is 23.7%. Other platforms, meanwhile, are just sharing 30.3% of the said global digital ad spend.

The question worth considering here is whether or not those spending on social media ads could really bring in revenues. Now, the report also revealed that only less than a quarter of such spending was for Facebook ads. What other social media platforms, then, should you consider putting eggs into?

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With 2.91 billion monthly active users (MAU) globally (Digital 2022: Global Overview Report), Facebook is still the number one among the most used social media platforms. According to Hootsuite, Facebook is also the most developed channel for organic and paid social marketing. If your target audience is within the range of 18 to 44-year-old users, especially between 25 and 34, then you could consider advertising through Facebook. The platform’s audience share in the specific age group, however, is only within the range of 12 to 18%. Aside from that, overall, only 0.7% are unique to the platform. Most social media users are not just active on one platform, but with at least one other social media app. 78% of Facebook users, for example, are also on Instagram, 74.7% on Youtube, and 72.7% on WhatsApp.

Facebook users frequent the platform to keep up with friends, family, and latest news through various forms of shared content. With that primary reason, Facebook has recently prioritized feeds and updates that personally relate to the users. The way in for brands, therefore, is an organic delivery of marketing content that would not only be relevant to the user but with a potential shareability.


Youtube is second on the latest list of top social media platforms. The platform, as of January 2022, has 2.56 billion MAU. While only 0.9% are unique to the platform, 79% are also on Facebook, 77.5% on Instagram, and 72.4% on WhatsApp. Youtube is known for long-form video content. There has yet to be data on correlation, but if your target audience is between 25 to 44 years old and you need a longer viewing time to get your messages across, then this platform is for you. Youtube’s share in the particular age bracket is 7.5 to 8.6% among female and 9 to 11.6% among male audiences. Since there is now a growing demand for short-form videos, Youtube has also introduced new features. However, the report still showed 23.7 hours/month (cumulative time) spent on the platform across all Android users.

70% of viewers have brought from a brand after seeing it on Youtube. But it’s not that easy though. Familiarizing with Youtube’s algorithm is quite a learning curve. You need to develop a strategy, some skills, and perhaps some luck.


WhatsApp ranks third on the list of the top social media platforms. As of January 2022, the platform already has 2 billion MAU. While only 1.29% are unique to the platform, 81% are also on Facebook, 80.2% on Instagram, and 76.8% on Youtube. 15.7% of internet users aged 16-64 say this is their favorite social media platform. Instagram and Facebook only trail behind with 14.8 and 14.5% respectively.

WhatsApp is third on the list in terms of user base, but it owns the top spot among messaging apps. Although it’s a social platform bought by Meta, it has basically remained ad-free. For your business, what you can take advantage of with WhatsApp is having a more accessible customer service channel. Using the app allows you to engage with your customers in streamlined conversations. While at it you can also feature your products, as though meeting them where they are and inviting them into your E-commerce website.

In a recent update for WhatsApp, Meta has introduced to the platform a business feature which, unlike that of Facebook Messenger’s being haunted with issues, could immediately be assumed to be more friendly with your customers who might have privacy concerns. WhatsApp for Business makes it easy for brands to set up a Catalog for products and services. You can then, for example, easily present a product or service in the flow of your conversation with your customer. The platform also offers two options for managing a WhatsApp business account. You can opt either depending on the convenience you need and how you may want to manage your business account.

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Instagram has 1.48 billion MAU. While only 0.1% are unique to the platform, 83% are also on Facebook, 77.8% on Youtube, and 76.4% on WhatsApp. The platform’s audience share for the 18 to 24 age group lies between Facebook and Youtube. Instagram’s share in the particular age bracket is 13.7 to 15% among female and 16.4% among male audiences. You’ll have plenty more options aside from creating engaging posts. You can explore Instagram Stories, Reels, Shop, hashtags, and even the platform’s Explore tab.

Since Facebook tinkered with Instagram, the photo-sharing app has become one of the most important apps in social commerce. Shopping mall window displays still have the luxury of two to three seconds to get noticed. On Instagram, you really need to have eye-catching visuals to pause the viewer’s finger from continuous scrolling. But you can’t hold her attention for too long unless you have a strong visual identity that would keep her interested to see more of your brand.


TikTok’s rise on the list of top social media platforms must be exhilarating for everyone behind the company. Before the end of 2021, TikTok reached the 1 billion MAU milestone. While only 0.1% are unique to the platform, 84.6% are also on Facebook, 84% on Instagram, 80.5% on Youtube, and 73.7% on WhatsApp. Some say it’s because of the platform’s algorithm that mostly content from female teenage creators show up in the app’s recommendations. Data, however, shows that the app is appealing to females more than males ages 18 to 34. TikTok’s audience share for females between 18 and 24 is at 25%, while only 17.9% for males. For those between 25 and 34, TikTok’s female audience share is 17.6%, 13.6% for the male audience.

A total of 19.6 hours per month are spent on the mobile app across all Android users. The figures are even higher for US, Canada, Australia, and even reaching 27.3 hours/month in the UK. With these overwhelming data, brands today are seeing the need to take advantage of TikTok. In the US alone, there is already an advertising reach of 130.9 million among those 18 and higher. That is already half of the population (50.3%) among those in the said age category of 18 and higher.


While surpassed by TikTok in MAU (only 557 million), Snapchat is still a contender in the 18-24 age group: 19.5% among both male and female genders. 11.5% (126 million) of India’s 13+ population and 38% (107 million) of the 13+ US population are on Snapchat. While no user is unique to the platform, 89.6% are also on Instagram, 83% on Facebook, 79.3% on WhatsApp, and 79.2% on Youtube.

To get the attention of the Gen Z population, you could join in the fun on TikTok and Snapchat. But not only that, we continue to see these platforms’ user base continuing to grow. Now, even those from older generations are signing up to TikTok and Snapchat.


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As of the January 2022 Report, Twitter has 436 million MAU.  The US is Twitter’s largest advertising audience, 27.3% (76.9 million) versus the 13+ population. Japan comes second with 53% (58.95 million) and India, third, with 2.2% (23.6 million) of their 13+ population. Singapore ranks the highest percentage versus the 13+ population (53.9%), but it is only equivalent to 2.85 million. While only 0.2% are unique to the platform, 87.6% are also on Instagram, 83.7% on Facebook, 80% on Youtube, and 75.5% on WhatsApp.

You can use Twitter to develop an organic marketing campaign or even show your brand personality. Well, Twitter has really seen Wendy’s showing personality, and other fast-food brands joining in the fun. Twitter also offers an ad platform so you can target your audience. Also, some brands have made use of Twitter to provide answers to customer concerns.


Pinterest has 444 million MAU. While only 0.2% are unique to the platform, 86.2% are also on Instagram, 82.7% on Facebook, 79.8% on Youtube, and 77.5% on WhatsApp. Pinterest is worth considering if you’re targeting a female audience, specifically those aged 18-24 (16.4% audience share) and 25-34 (29%).

Pinterest has owned the reputation for being a different kind of social media app. It’s a moderated space that is positive and apolitical. People go to Pinterest for fresh finds for just any product they might want to get hold of or fresh design inspirations for various projects and life events. Shoppable ads are now available in some select countries, so you may want to check that out.


There is a total potential reach of 808.4 million users on LinkedIn, equivalent to 16.3% of total Internet users. Now, while only 0.2% are unique to the platform, 87.8% are also on Facebook, 83.3% on Instagram, 82.6% on WhatsApp, and 77.8% on Youtube. Among LinkedIn’s strengths is providing a platform for work-related networking and research. Those are also among the top reasons for using the Internet of 22.9% of Internet users aged 16 to 64. Regarding advertising audience profile, LinkedIn’s share is at 34.2% among males and 24.9% among females between ages 25 and 34. The US is LinkedIn’s largest advertising audience, with 69% (180 million) reach versus the 18+ population.

With its popularity and positioning, LinkedIn could work for you if you’re a B2B marketer targeting a professional audience. LinkedIn is a platform where professionals not only share networks but also insights and expertise. You can showcase your company’s expertise on LinkedIn by sharing industry-related insights and, thus, gaining the attention and trust of your audience.

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